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Several ambulances for The City of Seattle’s fire department are now equipped with XL HYbrids’ XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System. XL Hybrids retrofitted Ford E-450 ambulances with a goal of increasing miles driven per gallon for the fire department and reducing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

In just nine months with the hybrid-electric ambulances, the Seattle Fire Department has achieved a 23% increase in miles driven per gallon and a 19% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing fleet emissions is a key goal for the city as outlined in Mayor Ed Murray’s Drive Clean Seattle Initiative.

The results from the hybrid-electric ambulances exceeded the City’s expectations; the City is ordering up to 10 more vehicles this year, including Ford Transit vans equipped with XL Hybrids systems for the Seattle Department of Public Utilities.

The hybrid-electric ambulances have been used over tens of thousands of miles of driving on Seattle’s steeply graded urban streets and in fluctuating temperature. Used in 911 emergency response in Seattle’s city center, the XL Hybrids system has the same or better torque than stock ambulances.

The ambulances are equipped with XL Link, XL Hybrids’ proprietary cloud-based fleet vehicle connectivity and analytics system. Measuring MPG performance, fuel savings and CO2 reduction, XL Link gives easy access on smartphones and laptops for fleet managers to monitor their sustainability goals and cost savings.

XL3 is transparent to fleet operations because the hybrid-electric technology requires no fueling infrastructure, no special plugs or extra driver training. Compatible with new and existing Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet vehicles, the XL Hybrids system can be installed in just hours. The XL3 system installation leaves the original equipment manufacturer’s powertrain and warranty completely intact.


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