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DOE: on-road transportation consumes more than 80% of all transportation energy in US

Together, light vehicles and medium/heavy trucks and buses consume 82.1% of the energy used in the transportation sector, according to figures provided by the US Department of Energy (DOE). Those on-road vehicles use mainly gasoline and diesel fuel.

Of the other modes, air transportation’s use of jet fuel and aviation gasoline accounts for 7.8% of transportation energy use, while water, rail, and pipeline account for less than 5% each.

Source: DOE. Click to enlarge.


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Apart from air and water the rest is easy to electrify. We just need self-driving tech to make BEVs the most economic choice in all cases.


Much lower cost 1000 Wh/Kg improved batteries and/or lower cost clean H2 and FCs together with the addition of REs from 1% to 50+% and appropriate H2 + charging facilities would be required.

The switch may take another 30+ years or until 2050 or so. Deniers will fight it as usual!

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