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Intel creates new organization solely focused on ADAS and autonomous driving

Intel has created a new organization called the Automated Driving Group (ADG), which will be solely dedicated to innovating the future of driving and designing the next generation of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions.

Intel’s ADG builds upon CEO Brian Krzanich’s vision for the future of automated cars – a vision he recently shared at AutoMobility LA. (Earlier post.)

The new ADG will be led by Intel veteran Doug Davis, who postponed his retirement to become the senior vice president and general manager of the group. Kathy Winter, formerly vice president of software and services for automated driving at Delphi, will serve as vice president and general manager of the Automated Solutions Division (ASD) to deliver automated driving solutions. In 2015, Winter was recognized for achieving the first cross-country drive by an autonomous vehicle.


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Forget about ADAS. Consumers and taxi companies want fully self-driving cars. This is far more useful and economic than ADAS that is mostly a tech gimmick.

Tesla is already selling fully self-driving capable vehicles and they will start hurling passengers on the Tesla Network by 2018. Tesla will be first but a few years later the rest of the auto industry will follow. Self-driving tech is only software and tiny sensors that can be scaled to a hundred million cars per year in a very short time. I expect every vehicle made by 2025 to be fully self-driving as there will be zero demand for cars that are not fully self-driving. Those car makers that have not made the transition to fully self-driving cars by 2025 will have bankrupted as they will be unable to sell their cars.

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