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Houston METRO launches Proterra electric bus demo; Catalyst FC into revenue service for 90 days

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) will deploy a 40-foot Proterra Catalyst FC battery-electric bus for 90 days beginning on December 4, demonstrating the benefits that battery-electric transit technology can bring to the region’s communities.

The Catalyst FC (Fast Charge) has a nominal range of 49-62 miles, depending upon the battery pack (79-105 kWh), and uses a 350 kW overhead fast charge on route, and a 60 kW charge using standard J1772-CCS plug-in chargers in the depot. Projected Altoona efficiency is 1.61 to 1.70 kWh/mile with a full passenger load.

METRO is the Houston, Texas region’s largest public transit provider, offering transportation services about 370,000 times per day to a total ridership of 100 million annually.

Proterra has so far sold 312 electric buses to 35 different municipal, university, and commercial customers across the country. Texas agencies include Dallas Area Rapid Transit, San Antonio VIA, and Port Arthur Transit.


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