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Wrights Group showcases hydrogen fuel cell bus driveline in London; production-ready in 2017

The Wrights Group launched the new Wrightbus zero-emission double deck bus at a conference in London. The Wrightbus debuts a new hydrogen fuel cell driveline which will become available to power both single-deck and double-deck buses as it becomes fully production-ready next year.


The drive system encompasses a hydrogen fuel cell stack and a battery pack to power the vehicle. The combination of these two technologies makes the continuous daily operation of the public transport vehicle feasible.

All Wrightbus hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will feature an electric drive axle packaged to allow a full flat floor throughout the bus, a zero-emission heating/cooling system, the ability for overnight charging if the operator desires, and remote diagnostics. Key to the success of this concept are the lightweight hydrogen storage tanks, and the automatic battery management system which continuously monitors and balances the stored power while the vehicle is in service.

The project has been part funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC) under a grant for common platforms and assembly methods for Ultra Low Emission Buses.



Will these be basically e-buses with a FC as range extender?

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More fool cell news. Crist.

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