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car2go pulls plug on car-sharing service in San Diego, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Daimler’s car-sharing service car2go is suspending its operations in San Diego, California and in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. In San Diego, car2go faced a lack of use, the company said. In the Twin Cities, the issue is the high state car rental taxation rates.

car2go will continue to operate as normal in both locations until 31 December 2016, at which time all vehicles will be taken out of service and will no longer appear in the car2go app.

car2go memberships are lifetime, free of monthly or annual fees. Your car2go members will still be able to make trips using any one of thousands of car2go vehicles we make available to members in each of the North American locations still offering service.

Those locations include: New York City, Portland, Columbus, Seattle, Denver, Austin, Washington DC, Calgary, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver. car2go is currently offering pricing deals at these other locations.


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