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Mayors of Madrid, Mexico City and Paris pledge to remove diesel cars from their cities by 2025

At the C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, the mayors of Paris, Mexico City and Madrid pledged to remove diesel cars from their cities by 2025. The cities also pledged to incentivize alternative vehicles and promote walking and cycling infrastructure.

Pursuing policies that improve air quality—decarbonizing transportation systems and promoting alternative transportation options—also help cities deliver on the ambition of the Paris Agreement.

Further bolstering the effort to improve air quality, C40 announced a two-year partnership with Johnson & Johnson to promote the health and well-being of urban inhabitants and the environment. Johnson & Johnson will support C40 climate programsthat also have co-benefits for air quality and human health.

C40 also announced a partnership with the World Health Organisation and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, in support of the Breath Life 2030 campaign. The global campaign will support city governments to reduce harmful emissions from the transport, waste and energy sectors, as well as mobilizing citizen action.


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This is really good news. If you live in a big city it is quite obvious that the air pollution is killing you prematurely. The system has failed to provide clean air because it is corrupted by car making lobbies that do not have sustainable cars on their agenda. We need simple ban on using and selling products that are not sustainable. We start with diesel cars. Move on to coal power plants etc. No lobbyist can corrupt a ban on an unsustainable product.

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Needless to say that when those driverless BEV taxis are made available by Tesla in massive numbers by the end of 2018 we can ban combustion cars altogether in big cities. We can't ban stuff that is needed and when there is no affordable and sustainable alternative available. However, as soon as that is available at volume it is time to ban the unsustainable products out of the market.


Teo Taxis has a 100% e-fleet (Teslas, Hyundai and Leaf) in Montreal and doing well. Fully automated ADVs would be better but a few more years are required, specially for safe driving in our slippery streets in winter times.

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