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Toyota launches TOYOTA NEXT Open Innovation Program in Japan

In Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation has launched the TOYOTA NEXT open innovation program. The program is intended to promote joint development of new services by utilizing new ideas, technologies, and solutions held by various companies and R&D organizations regardless of scale, as well as by businesses that have already launched services, which departs from Toyota’s usual practices of trying to be self-sufficient in terms of development.

Toyota will accept and review proposals for new services which are submitted by various companies and R&D organizations regarding their proposed topics, and will develop new services with the selected companies. Proposals will be accepted until 20 February 2017.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Safe and secure services that eliminate the lack of security regarding mobility for all people;

  2. Services that promote automobile use which provides a more pleasant and enjoyable mobility experience;

  3. Services that will help attract car fans and enhance owner loyalty;

  4. One-to-one services that make use of data in Toyota’s possession; and

  5. Dealer services provided by Toyota dealers nationwide.

Toyota noted that Japan is currently undergoing a variety of changes, such as low birth rates and a growing aging population, as well as an increased concentration of the population in urban areas with a corresponding depopulation of rural areas. The country is also advancing in terms of IT and technology. Against this backdrop, Toyota believes that as a business entity, it must respond in a broad manner in a timely fashion to the diversifying consumer needs.

Starting in 2017, Toyota plans to jointly develop and release in stages, a variety of services that focus on people and is able to provide a heightened element of Waku-Doki (excitement and anticipation) to the lives of customers in Japan in the future.


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