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Canada’s First Ministers release Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

Canada’s First Ministers (The Prime Minister of Canada and the provincial and territorial premiers) issued a joint communiqué and released the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change following the First Ministers’ Meeting. The Framework outlines actions that will grow the economy while reducing GHG emissions. These actions include:

  • developing new building codes to ensure that buildings use less energy, saving money for households and businesses;

  • deploying more electric charging stations to support zero-emitting vehicles, which is an integral part of the future of transportation;

  • expanding clean electricity systems, promoting inter-ties, and using smart-grid technologies to phase out the reliance on coal, make more efficient use of existing power supplies, and ensure a greater use of renewable energy;

  • reducing methane emission from the oil and gas sector;

  • protecting and enhancing carbon stored in forested lands, wetlands and agricultural lands; and

  • setting an example and driving significant reductions in emissions from government operations.

A focus on clean technology is a core element of the Framework and through the actions identified, we will foster innovation and create new jobs, new technologies and new export opportunities. We also agreed on the importance of having globally competitive Canadian businesses as we transition to a low-carbon economy. We will position Canada to contribute to global solutions that can be exported to the world.

In support of these efforts, the federal government, in collaboration with the provinces and territories, will be making historic investments in green infrastructure, public transit, and clean technology and innovation. This will include helping Indigenous Peoples and remote and northern communities reduce their reliance on diesel by connecting these communities to electricity grids and implementing renewable energy systems.

—Communiqué of Canada’s First Ministers

Federal, provincial and territorial governments will work together to establish a review of carbon pricing, including expert assessment of stringency and effectiveness that compares carbon pricing systems across Canada, which will be completed by early 2022 to provide certainty on the path forward. An interim report will be completed in 2020, which will be reviewed and assessed by First Ministers. As an early deliverable, the review will assess approaches and best practices to address the competitiveness of emissions-intensive, trade-exposed sectors.

Saskatchewan is not adopting the Pan-Canadian Framework.



Saskatchewan's PM has invented 101 reasons to try to derail the majority conclusion.

Manitoba's PM tried to get compensation with more Health Care $$$ as a near future potential deal.

All others (11 + 1) PM singed in.

All Revenues from the new Carbon Tax will be returned to the relevant Provinces to use as they see fit.

A Confederation Democracy is not easy to lead!


ULTRA BREAKING: Trump might choose rex tillerson , the actual ceo of exxon mobil as the future secretary of state. Worldwide climate change scammers will be defeated for good. Trump will also cease all climate change fraudulent subsidies and regulations, LOL.


As many more countries move to prevent runaway climate change ,Trump and others who wish to destroy our common habitat for their short term profits will fast become irrelevant.
Good one Canada!

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