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Audi launches first German location for Audi on demand mobility service

Airline passengers at Munich Airport can now use the premium mobility service Audi on demand to continue on the next leg of their trip in one of the brand’s latest models. Users can book the Audi models with a mobile app and pick them up directly at the myAudi Sphere at the terminal. This makes Munich the first German location for Audi on demand.

The service offered by Audi provides very flexible, customer‑focused access to premium mobility. Depending on their personal preferences, users can choose a specific model of their desire and book their Audi for as long as they need it, starting with a one‑hour minimum. The service is billed on an hourly basis, with no mileage cap. The Audi on demand selection consists mostly of new products from the brand that have only recently made their debuts.

In the spring of 2015, San Francisco became the world’s first location for the premium mobility service. Its claim of combining flexibility and exclusiveness has met with an exceptionally positive response from premium customers; 90% of Audi on demand users in the United States say the service exceeds their expectations.

Audi on demand is one of the brand’s four innovative usage models: Audi select, which allows customers to choose between different models for an all‑inclusive rate; Audi at home, a mobility solution for upscale living in megacities; and Audi shared fleet for intelligent management of company cars. Now that the services have successfully completed their test phase in selected markets, Audi is gradually launching them internationally—most recently with Audi at home in Hong Kong, Audi shared fleet in the United States and Audi select in Denmark.

myAudi Sphere opened in mid‑2016 at Munich Airport, where it is the central hub for Audi on demand.


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