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Digital mapping company HERE will serve as the primary location intelligence provider for RIO, the upcoming cloud-based digital platform for the transportation industry from Volkswagen Truck and Bus. (Earlier post.)

Through its location platform, HERE will provide RIO users with highly accurate maps and a rich set of location services like real-time traffic, geocoding and routing for trucks. Additional platform functionalities will also enable users to address specific transportation needs. These include knowing when a moving asset enters or leaves a defined geographic area (“geofencing”); calculating an accurate estimate of trip costs by taking into account various vehicle profiles and toll systems across geographic areas; and creating the optimal sequence of waypoints based on time or distance traveled, factoring in specific delivery timeslots at individual drop-off locations.

MAN Truck and Bus AG is the first sponsor of RIO and responsible for developing the brand within the Volkswagen Truck and Bus Group.

The launch of RIO, scheduled for early 2017, will be the first time that shippers, dispatchers, carriers, drivers and recipients are connected through a common platform. RIO can be used by any vehicle with an FMS 2.0 interface and any telematics system, including those of competitors, allowing easier and faster flow of information across the entire supply chain.


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