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PHEV, EV company EDI expanding in California; up to 5K drivetrains annually

Efficient Drivetrains, Inc., a provider of hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions, is increasing the size and capacity of its Dixon, California vehicle engineering and support facility. The company will be moving its current Dixon operations into a new 10,000 square foot space in February of 2017.

The expansion will support the manufacturing of up to 5,000 drivetrains and large numbers of vehicle engineering and upfit projects annually beginning in 2017. The company will expand its portfolio of solutions: EDI PowerDrive line of EV and PHEV drivetrains, EDI PowerSuite Vehicle Control Software and Telematics, and EDI Power2E 2 Way Charging and Exportable Power for end users, vehicle manufacturers and integrators.

Combining the company’s Silicon Valley Global Headquarters and Innovation Center, and its new Dixon facility, EDI’s California footprint will occupy more than 40,000 square feet between the two locations. The expansion in Dixon and continued build out of its Silicon Valley Innovation Center allows the company to accommodate its growth and future market development plans in response to increased demands for its EDI PowerDrive PHEV and EV drivetrain solutions.

The new Dixon expansion provides capacity for the company’s growing vehicle engineering and integration projects for medium and heavy duty plug-in hybrid and fully electric fleet vehicles.

In addition to its Silicon Valley headquarters and Dixon operations, EDI will continue to maintain its development and manufacturing operations in Beijing, China and is also expecting to announce incremental facilities there in Q1 2017.



Another good sign that EVs are getting set to displace a lot of ICEVs. Can't happen soon enough.

Hope Trump and the Republicans stay out of the way. But, I fear they won't.

Account Deleted

Lad we need to be realistic. 5000 per year is going nowhere when 100 million per year is needed to replace gasser production. Tesla is our best hope with currently 100,000 per year more than Nissan and Renault’s combined production of BEVs. It still looks pretty bleak. However, Tesla has a good chance of making 1 million BEVs per year in 2020. If they do it will force the rest of the auto industry to follow because if Tesla can make 1 million BEVs by 2020 they might get to 10 million by 2025 and start to change the world.

My hope is that Tesla’s driverless tech will enable each Tesla car to drive 5 times more per year than a non-driverless car that cannot be operated as a Taxi whenever the owner does not need it. Driverless taxiing will be extremely profitable for Tesla and Tesla’s car owners so Tesla will make the money needed to change the world and be able to build numerous of giga factories simultaneously around the world. 10 million driverless BEVs per year can replace 50 million non-driverless gassers. There is a good chance that Tesla could do that by 2025. The old auto industry will be bankrupting in droves at that time unless they can make their own driverless BEVs in volume.

Trump can’t stop demand for Tesla’s cars even if he removed the 7500 USD federal tax break as Tesla is soon exceeding the 200k unit limit on that subsidy. Trump could slow the spread of Tesla’s solar production if he scraps the current subsidy on solar and wind power. If Trump was against Musk he would not have included Musk in his 19 man strong business advisory board. And if Trump does not listen in any regard to what Musk will tell him at that board Musk will simply quit that board because it will be a waste of his time. We will know in a year whether Trumps policy is damaging for BEVs and renewables at all. I say there is a 65% chance Trump’s policies will not harm renewable and BEVs at all. There are many US jobs in renewables and BEVs and Trump will get that.

Another thing is that there is a very high chance that Trump will start a war with Iran over Iran’s nuke program. As cynical as it may sound that will be a bless for BEV and renewable energy production because it will make oil more expensive. The West will also eliminate Iran’s ability to wage nuclear war against the world and Israel in particular something that Iran’s religious motivated leadership has said repeatedly they want to do.

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