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Lucid Motors enters strategic partnership with LG Chem for Li-ion battery cells

Lucid Motors has signed a strategic supply agreement with LG Chem for lithium-ion battery cells. The agreement establishes LG Chem as one of the key suppliers of cells for Lucid’s products. The cylindrical cells that LG Chem will be producing for Lucid will feature a proprietary chemistry that has been developed together in partnership.

Lucid enters the agreement after nearly a decade of experience with electric vehicle battery pack research, development and commercial operations. These battery systems have logged over 20 million miles to date, and the data Lucid has collected and analyzed from these operations have been a critical factor in selecting the best strategic suppliers.

Lucid also recently announced a separate battery cell supply agreement with Samsung SDI. (Earlier post.) Although both supply agreements are intended for Lucid’s first vehicle, there are other possible applications for these cells. These could include batteries developed for other companies as part of Lucid’s powertrain supply business, or variants of the sedan with specific performance requirements.

The differing performance attributes available from the two cell suppliers provide Lucid with maximum flexibility to select the best cell for each application.

Lucid Motors is grateful for the tremendous level of support from the LG Chem team. LG Chem’s lithium-ion cells are among the best on the market, and we are pleased to have them as one of the suppliers of this critical component. I look forward to continued collaboration with LG Chem on the many exciting projects we have in our product pipeline.

—Albert Liu, PhD, Lucid’s Directory of Battery Technology

“Lucid Motors and LG Chem have collaborated on developing power management technology by bringing our expertise in lithium-ion battery cells. We are trying our best to meet the stringent and outstanding performance and quality standards of Lucid Motors.

—Youngsun Kim, LG Chem VP of Sales



LG Chem is all-in on the battery business; this is one of many makers who have contracted for their batteries; hope they have the plant capacity to fill all the contracts...many of us are elated the battery biz is finally getting traction as it's a sure sign EVs are starting to make a dent in the auto biz.

Too bad Nissan didn't work harder to maintain their jump on the other makers. Glad I don't own Nissan stock; I would be asking Nissan management why they waited for the others to catch up.

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It would be nice if Lucid could evolve into another Tesla like company that constantly breaks the barrier for what is possible. Tesla could change the entire world all by itself but it will take much longer and monopolies are no good in the long run so more Tesla like companies please. Plus this planet does not have the time to avoid a catastrophic mass extinction event if we do not make a rapid transition to zero emission technology.

Lucid will offer their luxury sedan in 2018 with a 100kwh and a 130kwh battery pack of which the latter will get 400 miles range or more range than most gassers in production. We will see if Tesla will also offer such a large battery pack by 2018.

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