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Toshiba supplying H2-based energy supply system to Tohoku Electric Power; evaluating H2 for overcoming fluctuations from renewables

Toshiba Corporation will support a two-year study of power management to be done by Tohoku Electric Power Co., through its H2One, hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system.

Bringing renewable power sources into the electricity grid is accompanied by concerns for the quality and variability of the supply; renewables are subject to fluctuations in output. Various solutions are being investigated, and Tohoku Electric decided to use Toshiba’s H2One starting March 2017.

The H2One system uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen via electrolysis, as well as for charging a battery-based energy storage system. Hydrogen is stored in a tank, then fed to a fuel cell unit to produce electricity (and hot water) when required.


Toshiba’s advanced EMS provides the data on the renewable energy supply-and-demand balance which can be used to stabilize electricity output. Over the two years of the project, Tohoku Electric will monitor the viability of the hydrogen power storage system as a solution for offsetting power output fluctuations caused by an expansion of renewables.

Toshiba is committed to advancing progress toward a low-carbon hydrogen economy to extend use of hydrogen into various areas.



Producing/storing clean H2 during excess e-energy periods and using it to produce e-energy with FCs during peak demand periods is what is required of make better use of most REs.

Near future superior (lower cost) electrolysers and FCs will make it possible.

Toshiba will have many copy cats.

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