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Southern California customers take delivery of new 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan

Customer deliveries of Honda’s third-generation fuel cell vehicle, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (earlier post), began on Monday at select Honda dealerships across Southern California. Retail leasing of the Clarity Fuel Cell is now available through Honda’s expanded network of 12 approved dealerships located in select California markets, including six dealerships in Southern California, five in the Bay Area, and one in Sacramento.

Honda will further develop its fuel cell vehicle dealer network as the network of public hydrogen fueling stations expands across the state.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is available for the competitive introductory lease price of $369 a month for 36 months with $2,868 due at signing. The lease terms include an attractive mileage allowance of 20,000 miles per year, up to $15,000 of hydrogen fuel, up to 21 days of an Avis Luxury Rental in California, 24/7 roadside assistance, and eligibility for California “White Sticker” single occupant HOV access.

The Clarity Fuel Cell has the highest EPA driving range rating of any zero-emission vehicle in America, including fuel cell and battery electric vehicles, with a 366 mile range and fuel economy rating of 68 combined MPGe (miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent).

The first deliveries of the Clarity Fuel Cell were celebrated on the Torrance, Calif., campus of American Honda Motor Co, Inc., where six Clarity Fuel Cell customers participated in a ceremonial delivery event after leasing their car from one of Honda's six fuel cell vehicle dealerships in Southern California. The participating dealerships are Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance, Culver City Honda, Keyes Woodland Hills Honda, Honda of Pasadena, Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos, and Norm Reeves Honda in Irvine.

The first six customers of the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell are previous owners of Honda's second-generation fuel cell vehicle, the Clarity FCX. These customers have grown with the development and deployment of Honda’s fuel cell vehicles, and have provided feedback of their real-world use of the FCX to influence today’s customer experience of the Clarity Fuel Cell. The customers are:

  • Jon Spallino, private securities investor and world’s first fuel cell vehicle individual customer with the 2005 FCX, whose new Clarity Fuel Cell becomes his third Honda fuel cell vehicle.

  • Jack Cusick, assistant principal of Newport Harbor High School.

  • Jackie Keller, founder of NutriFit, LLC healthy meal services.

  • Jim Salomon, president at Questar Construction.

  • Karen Thorp, deputy district attorney for the County of Los Angeles.

  • Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


Account Deleted

Big news for nothing. Honda’s sustainability scam continues. Some will be fooled but many more will not.


This is probably the most advanced fuel cell car out there.

Its great to see ZEV mobility in all its forms advancing.

Congratulations to Honda for the first deliveries of the new Clarity FCV. I'm impressed that they've made it available at such a reasonable price considering the mileage and gas allowance. The rental car voucher is a very nice perk, but seems to highlight the reality of the limitations of H2 infrastructure at this time.

Honda has done a good job of engineering with the Clarity, I was impressed during short test drive. I'm impatiently waiting for the PHEV and BEV versions. The head to head comparison of all three will be absolutely fascinating.


When Honda withdraws them from service and crushes them, will they be accused of killing the fuel cell vehicle:)

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