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Irizar e-mobility lands contract for 18 articulated i2e electric BRT buses in France

Irizar e-mobility, the electromobility business of the Irizar Group, has just gained a large contract with the Agglomeration of the Basque-Adour Coast in France. The contract includes the provision of 18 Irizar i2e 18.73m electric articulated buses (BRT), the charging stations at the end of each line with fast charging infrastructure, and slower charging at the depots.

The engineering work to accommodate two dedicated bus lanes will commence in 2017 and launch of the service will take place on 1 April 2019. The Agglomeration of the Basque-Adour Coast will be the first in France to have two complete lines with a 100% electric bus system.

The Irizar i2e will feature a TramBus design, incorporating technology 100% developed within the Irizar Group, including the electric motor propulsion system from Alconza, Jema inverters, and the energy storage system developed by Irizar e-mobility.

The first Irizar i2e 18 meter (BRT) electric articulated bus unit has undergone durability testing in the IDIADA facility with very satisfactory results. Its commercialization is planned for the beginning of 2017.



This seems a lot like a win-win-win solution with reduced (-50%) drivers, reduced (-50%) traffic density and cleaner operation.

Wish that many more cities take the same or similar solutions.


China could make use of a few thousands of those articulated e-buses. Wonder if BYD could build enough of them.

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