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EU Parliament, Council negotiators agree on basis for 5G internet by 2020; 700 MHz band

EU member states will make the 700 MHz band available for wireless broadband by 2020, enabling a shift to 5G mobile internet, European Parliament and Council negotiators agreed informally last week.

Releasing the 700MHz band for internet use would help create an efficient digital single market and the shift to 5G could enhance economic growth. This band would enable the provision of high-quality mobile services, such as eHealth and mHealth, or those related to the internet of things.

In the talks, MEPs included a clause in the agreed text obliging member states to make sure that the costs related to the migration and reallocation of the spectrum are promptly compensated, especially to consumers.

However, the 2020 deadline can be extended for two years by individual Member States for “duly justified reasons."

TV broadcasting services, currently the main users of the 700 MHz band, will be moved out of it but will retain priority in the sub-700 MHz band “until at least 2030.”

Parliament as a whole and national governments will have to endorse the deal to make it final.


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