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Faraday Future unveils its first production car, the electric FF91

Faraday Future revealed the FF91—its first production electric car—in Las Vegas ahead of the opening of CES. Equipped with a 130 kWh pack built from what Faraday says are the world’s highest energy density Li-ion cells, the 1,050 hp, all-wheel drive FF91 claims a range of more than 378 miles (608 km) on a single charge, with 0-60 time of 2.39 seconds.

The FF91 boasts an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.25, helping to increase range and performance. The vehicle as presented is packed with connectivity and autonomy technology.

The EV will be equipped with 3D LiDAR (the first production car so-equipped), 10 high-definition cameras, 13 long and short range radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors.

In his introduction to the reveal, Nick Sampson, SVP of R&D and Engineering, noted that the company has filed almost 2,000 patents globally.

Prospective buyers need to register and put down a $5,000 deposit (full price not yet disclosed). The plan is to deliver the production vehicles in 2018; however, Faraday still needs a factory.



This muscle e-car seems to perform better than all current TESLAs. Would a TESLA P-135+ do as well?


FF91 is not a production car. Teslas are. When (if) the FF91 starts production, then there can be a comparison to a future (2018?) Tesla, assuming Faraday Future gets past its serious financial problems. In the meantime, the Pike's Peak Hill Climb EVs are much faster (0-60 in 2 sec).


If they have the "world's highest energy density lithium ion batteries", they need to sell those to fund their car factory! LOL

Sure you do, guys. No pics (samples in this case), no proof.


1000+HP !! Is it serious ? Guess no. At a time you can't drive above 65 mph, this is ridiculous. With such technologies better to design and sell CHEAPER BEVs so as everybody can afford.

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