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Advanced semiconductor supplier Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced the RH850/V1R—its first product from the new RH850-based, 32-bit, automotive radar microcontroller (MCU) series—that will deliver the high performance and features required for enabling future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving vehicles. The RH850/V1R-M includes a digital signal processor (DSP) and high speed serial interfaces and is specifically designed for middle- to long-range radars.

Vehicles are being equipped with a broad spectrum of sensors such as cameras, LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors to support expanded advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and emerging autonomous driving functionality. Radar sensors are needed for ADAS applications—including advanced emergency braking and adaptive cruise control—because, unlike other sensors, radar sensors are not negatively affected by external environmental limitations which includes adverse weather conditions, such as rain, fog or whether the sun is shining or not.

Additionally, high-precision sensing becomes critical in realizing future autonomous driving to meet the increasing requirements of range resolution, separation of objects and precision in measurement of velocity. This requires increased numbers of antennas and boosting of the signal processing performance.

To address these needs, Renesas launched the new RH850/V1R-M MCU specifically designed for radar applications in ADAS. The new MCU includes optimized, programmable digital signal processing, a dual core at 320 megahertz (MHz) with industry-leading high speed flash of 2 megabyte (MB), a 2 MB internal RAM, while meeting the industry’s highest temperature requirements.

Key features of the RH850/V1R-M MCU:

  • High-performance DSP with flexible programmability for improved radar signal processing performance and increased sensing accuracy. The RH850/V1R-M MCU is designed to have optimized hardware acceleration in the DSP. The optimized DSP allows the system developers to process the raw data into target objects efficiently, separately from the safety relevant classification and tracking done in the CPUs.

    Renesas’ high performance DSP performs radar specific algorithms such as fast Fourier transforms (FFTs), beamforming, windowing, channel calibration, peak search, at high speed and with low power consumption. The DSP offers high flexible programmability and Renesas specifically developed a DSP math library for automotive radar sensors to support system developers in their algorithm development.

  • Low-power technology and embedded flash for more compact and low-cost radar sensors. Renesas developed the RH850/V1R-M using 40-nanometer (nm) embedded flash (eFlash) process technology, which has a proven track record in terms of re-write cycles, the industry’s fastest random access operation speeds and high reliability. It also has the merit of low power consumption as the transistors are smaller lowering parasitic capacitances.

    The process specification of RH850/V1R-M also fulfills the highest temperature requirements in the industry (T-junction 150 °C).

    The embedded flash brings advantage to the system designer by offering higher integration using less PCB space and better real time behavior.

  • Dual core at 320MHz high performance, integrated 2MB large capacity RAM, 2MB highest speed flash and highest temperature requirements. The new RH850/V1R-M features two G3MH CPU cores operating at 320 megahertz (MHz)—the highest performance cores among the RH850 Family. The G3MH is a superscalar reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture with two 7-stage integer pipelines, which allows execution of two different instructions at the same time. Each G3MH core achieves the performance of 3.2 DMIPS/MHz.

    The RH850/V1R-M also includes 2MB industry-highest speed flash based on Renesas world-leading automotive 40nm embedded flash technology. By incorporating a large 2MB capacity RAM, the RH850/V1R-M handles all specific calculations on radar cube data such as range and velocity FFTs, digital beam forming, constant false alarm rate (CFAR) and peak detection.

Software and tools including evaluation boards will also become available to enable the system developers to start their development immediately with the RH850/V1R-M solution.

Samples of the RH850/V1R-M and the DSP math library will be available from second half of 2017. Samples will be priced at US$30 per unit. Mass production is scheduled to begin in November 2018. A flexible programmable complete toolchain with C/C++ compiler, debugger, simulation models and detailed performance profiling tools will also be available. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.)


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