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Solaria Labs, an innovation incubator established in 2015 by Liberty Mutual Insurance, is introducing an open API developer portal that combines public data with proprietary insurance knowledge, helping to inform future products and apps for customers. This technology will be able to help consumers do everything from finding the safest driving route—e.g., one on which you are less likely to have an accident—to assessing auto damage from a fender bender with a smartphone camera.

The Solaria Labs developer portal will aggregate public data on auto theft, parking citations as well as crashes using proprietary insurance knowledge. After signing up, developers and data scientists can analyze the aggregated data to identify, for example, the safest driving routes and places to park in major US cities. Providing this comprehensive collection of data will help fuel the development of future apps to improve safety for both drivers and passengers.

Screenshots from Solaria Labs DevPortal showing ability to drill down into data including location, date, time and cause of vehicle accidents over the past several years. This information can help with safe routing technology. Click to enlarge.

We introduced this initiative to develop products and services that benefit everyone and ultimately help drivers make informed choices and feel less worry on the road. We expect to deliver new value to the community with a focus on improving safety by combining our expertise and insights while employing emerging technology.

—Ted Kwartler, assistant vice president, Innovation, at Liberty Mutual Insurance

For example, through a new, experimental app from Liberty Mutual, auto owners could be able to gauge damage to their car in real-time and receive a recommendation on repair costs leveraging their smartphone camera. Using artificial intelligence, the new feature would be based on thousands of car crash photos.

Solaria Labs was established to help solve unmet consumer needs, foster new ideas and attract talent in a startup environment. The lab has partnered with universities, including MIT AgeLab, to fund research and participate in relevant discoveries on new trends. This includes next generation vehicles, the sharing economy, and connected home products that enable real-time connectivity in the areas of security, efficiency, safety and convenience.

The developer portal is just one example of the exciting work being done through Solaria Labs. At Solaria, we’re bringing to life new, transformational products and services in areas of importance to our customers and look forward to developing more preventative and helpful solutions for the future.

—Adam L’Italien, vice president, Innovation, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Telematics apps. Liberty Mutual has introduced the new, free HighwayHero app. The HighwayHero app tracks and scores driving behavior, providing feedback after trips so the app is never a distraction. Users can track their progress, see how they stack up against other local drivers on city leaderboards and win achievement badges such as “Safest Driver.” Drivers in 16 states are currently eligible for discounts from Liberty Mutual based on their scores.

Liberty Mutual is also announcing expansion of its new “pay as you drive” insurance, ByMile, offering lower premiums for those who drive their car less. When enrolled in ByMile, the premium is directly determined by the amount of miles driven each month. The program is currently available in Illinois and will be expanded to additional states throughout 2017.

The company is also rolling out its new RightTrack Mobile app to Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin next month with several more by the end of 2017. RightTrack is Liberty Mutual’s usage-based insurance program that lets customers save on their auto insurance based on their driving habits. Drivers can observe their driving behavior for free through the RightTrack app on their smartphones. The app offers timely driving feedback and tips while helping to reduce insurance premiums—up to 30%—for safe drivers.

As unveiled at CES 2016, Subaru drivers in select states can now access RightTrack through their Subaru Starlink systems and receive insurance discounts after a 30-day test period. RightTrack is now available in most 2015 or newer Subaru vehicles and most models equipped with Subaru Starlink. Starlink In-Vehicle Technology is all the audio, infotainment and connected service features available in Subaru vehicles.


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