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At CES 2017, ZF launched the ZF ProAI self-driving system, based on the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI car computer (earlier post), for cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles for factories, agriculture and mining. ZF is the first tier-1 auto supplier to bring an AI self-driving computer based on DRIVE PX 2 into production for commercial availability.

ZF ProAI uses the DRIVE PX 2 AutoCruise configuration to enable companies to build self-driving vehicles—ranging from cars and trucks, to industrial applications, such as forklifts and materials-handling vehicles.

ZF ProAI can process inputs from multiple cameras, plus LiDAR, radar and ultrasonic sensors, in a process called sensor fusion. This will enable the vehicle to paint a 360-degree view around itself, locate itself on an HD map and find a safe path through traffic.

ZF ProAI will be available for production in early 2018.


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