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Volkswagen Group selects NVIDIA as key strategic partner to develop AI-Cockpit

The Volkswagen Group has selected NVIDIA as its strategic partner for the new Volkswagen Group Future Center California in Silicon Valley. Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of Volkswgen AG, made the announcement at CES 2017, where VW’s Audi brand is demonstrating a piloted Q7 concept. (Earlier post.) NVIDIA is a key strategic partner of the Volkswagen Group with its 12 brands.

Volkswagen is integrating NVIDIA technologies like the DRIVE AI Car Computing Platform, NVIDIA Driveworks Software as well as the NVIDIA DGX-1 AI Super Computer to develop an Artificial Intelligence-based Cockpit delivering the best digital user experience in the world.

—Johann Jungwirth

Volkswagen is developing this new driving experience in close collaboration with NVIDIA at its Volkswagen Group Future Center California in Belmont, California, and will bring this AI-Cockpit to market in the coming years. The AI-Cockpit will include a massive reduction of hard controls as well as user interactions and is based on a self-learning intelligent digital assistant that anticipates user needs and provides in-vehicle UX that knows what the user wants without asking, based on situation, context, location and additional smart data.

The mission of the Future Center is to make Volkswagen Group vehicles best in class in terms of customer experience, interface design, operating logic, new interior concepts, infotainment and entertainment. The California facility will be the Volkswagen Group’s hub for Advanced Design as well as Advanced UX & Engineering in Silicon Valley. Volkswagen Group also operates two sister Future Center facilities, located in Potsdam (Germany) and Beijing (China).

With the Future Center California, Volkswagen is progressing toward its goal of being a leading provider of sustainable mobility by 2025. Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role as the company rapidly grows its digitalization and connectivity solutions.

—Johann Jungwirth


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It was a scoop for NVIDIA to get Tesla as their customer again for Tesla’s hardware revision 2 of their autopilot. They competed with AMD and Intel that was also considered by Tesla. Now NVIDIA is getting many new orders for their automotive chips from older automakers. And when Tesla succeed in making the software for full autonomy later this year or during H1, 2018 NVIDIA also get the right to brag about its chip the PX2 being the world’s first chip to power a fully autonomous car.

Autonomous cars will require seriously powerful computers like the 24 terra flops in PX2. Far more processing power than needed for most office work. We will need about 1 billion fully autonomous vehicles to do nearly all transportation services on the planet. Probably only 100 million vehicles will be privately owned. The rest will be used as taxies in order to maximize the usage of these expensive and durable machines. So it is a big potential market for NVIDIA. It will be 1 billion supercomputers with a spare for redundancy so a fleet of 2 billion supercomputers.

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