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Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA partner on AI car technology; product within 12 months

At CES 2017, Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA announced a partnership to bring an NVIDIA AI-powered car to market. The announcement came during the Mercedes-Benz Inspiration talk at CES 2017 featuring NVIDIA founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and Mercedes-Benz Vice President of Digital Vehicle and Mobility, Sajjad Khan. The collaboration began three years ago.

At this point it is very clear that AI is going to be the future of computing. This is an endeavor that we started three years ago that we will put on the road next year—unbelievable.

—Jen-Hsun Huang

I am very proud of saying that within 12 months we are rolling out a product with NVIDIA.

—Sajjad Khan

The work is part of an ongoing collaboration focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Teams from the companies have co-located—Mercedes-Benz in Sunnyvale, NVIDIA in Stuttgart.


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