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BYD the recommended company for Argentinian tender for 50 electric buses

BYD has been officially selected as the recommended company by the evaluation committee in Argentina for the purchase of 50 electric buses on behalf of the Ministry of Environment.

The tender was launched by the Ministry of Environment as a pilot project for the introduction of electric public transport in different cities throughout the country. The bid evaluation committee chose BYD amongst a pool of 5 bidders for its successful 12-meter electric bus, which is already used in cities such as London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, etc.

BYD begun the promotion of its technologies in Argentina in 2011 through its local subsidiary, especially those related to electric vehicles and public transport. In November 2011, the company signed its first MOU with the Ministry of Industry and the Secretary of Transport. During BYD’s senior-level management visit to the country in May 2016, Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and Minister of Environment Sergio Bergman expressed their high expectations for the introduction of BYD technologies and electric vehicle models to their nation’s public transportation systems.

BYD expects to receive the necessary allocation within the next few weeks.

To better satisfy market demands, BYD plans to build a new local manufacturing plant in Argentina. This plant would bring foreign investment to Argentina, and will have a significant impact in the creation of new jobs.

In 2010, the company announced its “electric public transport” strategy for green mobility, which focuses on low-carbon electric vehicles as a prioritized public transport option to reduce traffic-related emissions in cities. This has now become adopted as a national strategy in China. At present, BYD’s electric bus and other new energy vehicles have expanded their footprint to 240 cities across 50 countries.



BYDs already in 240 cities and 50 countries demonstrate that Warren Buffet made another very good investment.

With that many local and export orders, will BYD become the largest e-bus manufacturers in 2017?


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