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Upcoming workshop for SAE J2954 wireless power transfer status and testing in California

On 6 February, the Center for Sustainable Energy in San Diego in California will be hosting a workshop for SAE J2954 (Wireless Power Transfer and Automated Charging and Alignment) with the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and California Energy Commission (CARB-CEC) related to wireless power transfer technology status and testing plans in California. The workshop is the day before the SAE 2017 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, also in San Diego.

The workshop will review the SAE J2954 light duty document, the anticipated timeline for standardization to commercialization, and the status of technology projects.

Toyota, Nissan and GM will provide technology application examples, while Lear, Witricity and Qualcomm will discuss their particular technologies. TDK and Idaho National Laboratory will provide the view from labs.

Specific to California, a panel will discuss existing and upcoming California regulations related to charging, followed by a discussion on the potential to create first small-scale, then large-scale wireless power transfer testing for light duty vehicles in the 2017-2020 timeframe.

A separate meeting will be held later for heavy-duty WPT.

Those interested in attending should RSVP by 20 January by email to and The room is limited to 50 people.

Hybrid J2954 Wireless Charging Task Force Committee


Dr. Strange Love

Health risk from magnetic flux and parasitic effects are too large, and cannot mitigated. Maximum safe exposure to humans is ~6uT. Within 1 meter, the flux exceeds 1mT. Kids will be frolicking and rolling around outside the vehicle doing what kids do. Soccer Mom and Dad are Scienticfically numb to any danger and go about their boring details. The kids brain is being fried, a Soda Can explodes from parasitic heating sending shrapnel through the kid's eyes rendering him blind, and soon lawyers are being called upon.

EPA and CARB call this progress.


V2G in work parking lots will be standard allowing millions of cars to smooth out the grid during prime time.


Hard to say which technology will do the most damage on the current and next generations.

Hours on Smart phones, tablettes, games, wifi, widi, blue tooth or drones, lasers, or wireless charging facilities?

Dr. Strange Love

For V2G to be the norm, you must reinvent the parking lot. But, this is kind-of a chicken and egg thing. I don't think it will be the norm.

I don't believe wireless coupling is the final answer. I think direct coupling will win out. Copper is a wave guide. Direct coupling is intrinsically safer and more efficient.


It depends, if employers see charging as a perk that employees like there could be spots up front in thousands of corporations driving EV sales with these incentives.


Employees who use corporate wireless charging parking lots will see their federal taxes increase. The FEDs will classify this employee benefit as imputed income on Federal Tax Form 1040.


That is like saying they will tax health insurance.
You are cleaning the air and reducing imported oil, both are desirable. The utilities want to have good power during prime time, employers want happy employees and employees would like a power discount for participating in V2G.

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