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TomTom acquires Berlin-based autonomous driving start-up Autonomos

Navigation company TomTom has acquired Autonomos, a Berlin-based autonomous driving start-up. The acquisition strengthens TomTom’s position in autonomous driving.

Autonomos GmbH was founded in 2012 by former members of the intelligent systems workgroup of Freie Universitaet Berlin, a leading robotic laboratory in Germany, well known for its pioneering experiments with self-driving-cars around the world (Autonomos-Labs). With financial support from the IBB (Investitionbank of Berlin) and alubi capital GmbH, run by Business Angel Alfred Möckel, Autonomos grew independently to a team of more than 30 software engineers in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Autonomos has provided Research & Development consultancy services for automated vehicle assistance systems and has built up expertise and technologies in the process, including a full demonstration-level autonomous driving software stack, 3D sensor technology, and digital image processing.

With the acquisition of Autonomos, TomTom is joined by a team that traces its lineage back to the DARPA Grand Challenge competitions. The team will advance TomTom’s map-based products for autonomous driving applications. Having an in-house autonomous driving stack will enable TomTom to better serve customers with its products, including its HD map, RoadDNA localization technology, as well as its navigation, traffic and other cloud services.

This is an important development for TomTom as it will help us to continue to strengthen our capabilities for the future of driving and expand our knowledge and expertise. With this deal we are further positioning ourselves as one of the leaders in autonomous driving.

—Harold Goddijn, CEO and co-founder of TomTom

No further details of the acquisition are disclosed.


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