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Nissan is with FLO, a provider of a charging ecosystem in Canada, to encourage and ease EV adoption throughout the country. The new FLO Home charging station will become the recommended residential charging station by Nissan Canada for owners of the Nissan LEAF.


The FLO Home X5 is a 204V, 30A, 7.2 kW Level 2 charger with a SAE J1772 charging connector that can add 50 km (31 miles) of range—the average distance traveled daily by Canadian drivers—in 90 minutes.

Nissan will offer a $500 discount on the FLO Home charging station to every buyer of a new Nissan LEAF vehicle from a participating Nissan dealership between 20 January and 31 March 2017. FLO will also offer buyers them a free access card to its charging network, the largest in Canada, which provides EV drivers with more than 3,000 charging stations from coast to coast.

The FLO Home charging station, available since December 2016, will be presented to the public at the Nissan Canada kiosk during the Montreal Auto Show, from 20-29 January.

Designed and manufactured in Québec by AddÉnergie, the FLO Home charging station meets the highest security standards in the industry. The 100% aluminum casing is designed to withstand Canadian winters.


Jeffrey Wishart

There is a typo on the specs: it's 240 V, not 204 V.

The website has the price at $1,300. This is extremely high, even for a smart charger.

Nick Lyons

Well, $1,300 CA is about $970 US, so no quite so expensive on this side of the border...


Current voltage is between 208 VAC and 240 VAC depending on distribution transformers and lines.

With few exceptions, the average is close to 220/230 VAC.

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