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AKASOL to provide Li-ion batteries for electric buses to Scandinavian OEM through 2030; up to 4,500 systems

Germany-based Li-ion manufacturer AKASOL (earlier post) has signed a contract for the supply of Li-ion batteries to an unnamed international commercial vehicle manufacturer in Scandinavia for its entire electric bus fleet through 2023. In total, the order includes the delivery of up to 4,500 battery systems—revenue on the order of up to some triple-digit million euro figure.

The first series production buses fitted with AKASOL-battery systems are expected in 2018. The buses will feature either hybrid or battery-electric drive and have a capacity between 150 and 300 kWh.

The lithium-ion battery systems developed in accordance with the standard ISO 26262 can fast-charge up to 500 kW, and reach more than 3,000 full cycles. In addition, they meet not only the automotive safety integrity level ASIL-C, but also all safety and performance requirements according to EUCAR, GB/T, UN 38.3 and EDE R100.

Thanks to our innovative and cost-efficient liquid cooling system AKASystem OEM ensures optimum thermal environmental conditions for the operation of the batteries, so that they are ideally suited for long-lasting use in vehicles of local public transport.

—Sven Schulz, Managing Director

At the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles show last September, AKASOL introduced the modular AKASystem OEM. (Earlier post.) The compact, modular lithium-ion battery system is particularly well-suited for use in commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, construction vehicles or other specialized vehicles.


The standard version has a storage capacity of 24.4 kWh at a voltage level of 661 V (nominally) and rates of 150 kW (peak).

One of eight battery-powered articulated buses with AKASOL battery systems operating as part of Cologne’s public transportation network. Click to enlarge.


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