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LG Innotek introduces improved thermoelectric module for automotive and home appliance applications

LG Innotek has begun series production of an improved thermoelectric module, initially for heating and cooling applications, but targeting automotive in the future. LG Innotek has increased the heating and cooling rate by 20% and decreased power consumption by 25%. The module’s temperature control range extends from - 50 ℃ (-58 ℉) to 80 ℃ (176 ℉) without refrigerant compressor or hot wire.

The thermoelectric module controls temperature by supplying electricity to a semiconductor element. The module is a half-finished product in which a heat sink and cooling fan are mounted on a thin thermoelectric device of 4 mm thickness.


The thermoelectric module can enhance a driver’s convenience and the stability of the drive. When applied to car seats, headlight dehumidifiers, battery cooling devices, etc., it can precisely and quickly adjust temperature by 0.1 ℃ unit using the electronic control method.

LG Innotek says it can stably provide home appliance manufacturers and automobile manufacturers with thermoelectric modules optimized for their particular applications. This is possible because the company has secured the R&D, production, and quality control systems from materials to modules.


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