NEVS receives EV production license in China
BP Energy Outlook: 30% growth in global demand to 2035; fuel demand continues to rise, even with EVs & fuel efficiency

3D printing auto manufacturing technology company Divergent 3D closes $23M Series A

Divergent 3D, an additive manufacturing technology development and licensing company focused on the automotive sector, has closed its $23 million Series A funding round led by technology venture capital fund Horizons Ventures. Divergent 3D will apply the new funding toward commercializing its hardware-software platform. Divergent 3D’s strategic partner Altran (earlier post), a global automotive and aerospace engineering services provider, also invested in this round.

The announcement follows the launch of a development and marketing partnership with Altran and a strategic partnership with PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën & DS) to build full vehicle structures using Divergent 3D’s manufacturing platform.

Core to the Divergent manufacturing approach is the use of 3D printed metal alloy joints called Nodes. Nodes join aerospace-grade carbon fiber tubing into standardized building objects, resulting in an industrial-strength chassis that can be assembled in a matter of minutes.



Will 3D parts be fully assembled by robots for higher accuracy and quality?

Will those be worker-free fully automated drive vehicle (ADVs) factories?

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