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Traveling Finnish sauna touring US to use Neste renewable diesel on the West Coast

Throughout 2017, a fully-functional Finnish sauna on wheels will travel 12,000 miles across the US. Neste’s low-carbon drop-in renewable diesel called Neste MY Renewable Diesel will be used to fuel the truck carrying the sauna while traveling along the UUS West Coast.

When Neste MY Renewable Diesel is being used, the journey’s greenhouse gas emission will be cut by up to 80% compared to conventional petroleum diesel. The traveling sauna is hauled by a Ford F-250 pick-up truck with a turbo diesel engine.

There are not many things that Finns love more than sauna. To haul one across the US is a rather crazy, yet a fun way of celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence. It is our pleasure to make the sauna’s journey much more environmentally friendly with our Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

—Jeremy Baines, VP sales North America from Neste

Neste is a sponsor of the Traveling Sauna which is one of the many ways in which Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence in 2017.

Neste invites all to visit the sauna at the tour stops. The tour schedule includes a pit-stop near Neste’s US office in Houston, Texas, as well. Follow the Traveling Sauna on social media (@travelingsauna, @nestecorp, @NesteUS), and track its journey through Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, and 17 other US locations.


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