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BMW expands ChargeNow by EVgo programs for DC fast charging

BMW of North America has expanded the ChargeNow by EVgo programs (including ChargeNow DC Fast) to more than 50 metro areas in the US, encompassing the entire EVgo public charging network, the largest public DC Fast charging network in the nation. With this expansion, more than 92% of BMW i3, BMW i8 and BMW iPerformance (BMW X5 xDrive40e, BMW 740e xDrive, BMW 530e and the BMW 330e) drivers in the US will be able to enroll to take advantage of a ChargeNow by EVgo program tailored to their vehicle, at any EVgo station.

EVgo’s fast charging network currently totals more than 668 dual-port DC Fast charging stations installed and available to EV drivers across the United States, supported by supplemental Level 2 chargers. An additional 50-plus DC Fast chargers are planned to be installed—and added to the ChargeNow by EVgo programs for BMW drivers—in 2017. (Earlier post.) EVgo charging stations are strategically located near shopping and dining establishments along convenient, well-traveled routes.

BMW i and BMW iPerformance owners can enroll for a ChargeNow by EVgo program at Once enrolled, drivers easily locate EVgo chargers with ConnectedDrive in their BMW vehicle, either using the in-vehicle Navigation or by using the BMW Connected App. Enrolled BMW customers use the ChargeNow card provided with their vehicle to access EVgo stations in their area, to take advantage of ChargeNow by EVgo no-cost or reduced cost public charging.

The ChargeNow by EVgo (including ChargeNow DC Fast) programs now available to BMW i and iPerformance drivers include:

  • ChargeNow DC Fast: Two years of no-cost charging for drivers of new BMW i3 vehicles. Eligible owners of new BMW i3 vehicles in metro areas served by EVgo stations, who purchase their vehicle on or after 1 November 2015 are eligible for 24 months of no-cost 30 minute DC Fast and 1 hour Level 2 charging sessions at EVgo stations, as part of ChargeNow DC Fast. Enroll by 12/31/18.

  • ChargeNow by EVgo CPO: One year of no-cost charging for Certified Pre-Owned BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners. Announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2016, ChargeNow by EVgo CPO offers one year of no-cost charging sessions at EVgo stations for owners of Certified Pre-Owned BMW i3 and BMW i8 vehicles. Enroll by 7/31/17.

  • ChargeNow by EVgo Annual Pass, ChargeNow by EVgo Pay As You Go: One year of special pricing options for BMW i and iPerformance owners. ChargeNow by EVgo Annual Pass and ChargeNow by EVgo Pay As You Go, available to all BMW i3, BMW i8 and BMW iPerformance drivers in the served metro areas (regardless of vehicle model year or purchase date), give BMW customers the choice to make a single low payment upfront for a full year of charging at no additional cost (“Annual Pass”), or to enroll with no upfront fee to lock in 20-30% savings each time they charge at EVgo stations for a year (“Pay As You Go”). Enroll by 7/31/17.

Enrollment is easy with the ChargeNow card provided with the BMW vehicle.

The pace at which we have been making charging infrastructure partnership announcements recently shows that BMW continues to aggressively pursue the company’s commitment to our e-mobility customers, with our steadfast support for growing the public charging infrastructure across the US.

Using their ChargeNow card, our BMW i3, i8, and iPerformance drivers now have access to the entire EVgo charging network. By supporting the continued growth of publicly available DC Fast charging across the US, BMW is helping more drivers make the switch to an e-mobility lifestyle with confidence.

—Cliff Fietzek, Manager Connected eMobility at BMW of North America


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