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PSA Group makes electric commercial vehicles available for car sharing in Paris

The city of Paris recently launched the electric commercial vehicle car sharing service for professionals, “VULe Partagés”. PSA Group is providing 80% of the vehicle fleet put into service.

Out of 10 vehicles available, 4 Peugeot Partner and 4 Citroën Berlingo are made available to users. This type of vehicle is suited to professional use, with 3 seats in the front and a fast charging, 80% within 30 minutes.The service launched on an experimental basis in the 2nd and 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

103431 PSA

This experimental phase is being carried out as part of the Ile-de-France Region’s call for projects on “Innovation to promote sustainable mobility”. To use this service, traders and craftspeople in the city of Paris can register on-line on the

PSA Group today markets 5 electric vehicles: Peugeot i0n and Partner (commercial vehicle), Citroën E-Mehari, C-Zero and Berlingo (commercial vehicle). From 2019, 4 new electric vehicles will be available.


Henry Gibson

Electricity in France is highly nuclear generated so these are some of the most carbon free vehicles on the planet. There is enough energy in the wasted fuel rods and depleted uranium in the US to power the world for the next hundred years without mining a pound more of uranium, and the reactors to do this have already been run tested and the unusable radioactive wastes are not multiplied. The ocean and land already contains radioactive minerals widely dispersed in every location. The Uranium in the ocean is sufficiently concentrated to be an energy supply, at costs less than gasoline, for the population of the earth for the life of the earth. ..HG..


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The service launched on an experimental basis in the 2nd and 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Watch anime online free in HD at kissanime 2.0

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