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Report: Nissan to unveil new e-Power Juke concept at Tokyo show; 2nd application of new series-hybrid powertrain

Car and Driver reports that Nissan will unveil a Juke e-Power concept at the Tokyo auto show this fall. In November 2016, Nissan introduced the new series-hybrid e-Power drive system in the Note. Although e-Power borrows technology from the LEAF, unlike the all-battery-electric powertrain of the LEAF, e-POWER adds a small gasoline engine to charge the high-output battery when necessary, eliminating the need for an external charger while offering the same high output. (Earlier post.)

The non-plug-in e-POWER system features full electric-motor drive with the EM57 traction motor from the LEAF, which delivers a maximum 254 N·m. The power from a high-output battery is delivered to the e-POWER’s compact powertrain comprising a gasoline engine, power generator, inverter, and a motor.

The engine is the 1.2-liter, three-cylinder HR12DE. In general a three-cylinder engine tends to be louder and with more vibration than a four-cylinder engine. Nissan uses an outer balancer to reduce vibration and noise, achieving quietness equivalent to that of a four-cylinder engine.

Market and technology basics of the e-Power system from the premiere of the Note e-Power at Nissan headquarters in Japan, November 2016.



If this isn't cheaper than a prius why is Nissan wasting their time?

Account Deleted

It appears that it is in Japan. A recent review can be found in (Japanese). From the article, JC 08 mode fuel consumption for the Nissan is 37.2 km / L which is the same as Prius (called an Aqua in Japan). The price of the Nissan e-POWER · X is 1,959,120 yen. Aqua S is 1,991,635 yen, almost the same. The article declared the Nissan Note e-Power the overall winner.


Im so glad, Im glad, im glad.


Nissan produced the hybrid Altima with a license from Toyota, they only made it a few years, then said they would bring out their own design.
This could be a way to get around the patents to produce a cost effect hybrid. I hope they bring it to the U.S. I think it could sell. The original announcement was Japan only with a price of about $20,000.

Brent Jatko

Well, as long as gorr is finally happy, we can all rest a bit!

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