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Volkswagen to build first production MEB electric vehicle at Zwickau in 2019

Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant in Saxony, Germany will build the brand’s first production vehicle based on the MEB—the Modular Electric Drive kit, Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukastenin—2019. (Earlier post.) Volkswagen’s main Wolfsburg plant and the Emden plant will also produce MEB vehicles.

The Brunswick plant will continue to produce the battery system for the Modular Transverse Toolkit and will also be developing and producing the battery system for the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). Kassel is to develop the MEB drive system and to be responsible for the assembly of the entire system in addition to electric transmission production. Salzgitter will produce and supply MEB drive system components. In addition, the plant will be building a pilot facility for battery cells and cell modules.

Volkswagen’s I.D., introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, presaged the first of a new line of MEB-based electric cars. The compact I.D. is driven by a 125 kW electric motor powered by a battery pack, and has a range of 400 - 600 km (249 - 373 miles) under European test conditions. (Earlier post.)

This was followed by the introduction of a fully autonomous, electric Microbus concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Like the compact I.D., the I.D. Buzz is built off MEB. With two-motor, all-wheel drive, a fully autonomous driving mode (“I.D. Pilot”) and a new generation of display elements and controls, the concept conceptually follows the new Volkswagen brand strategy. (Earlier post.)


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I need to see VW announce the making of a 50Gwh battery factory before I believe they are serious about BEVs. I hope they do. Tesla can not do it fast enough if they are alone at transforming the auto industry.

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