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Bosch is forming an operating unit specifically for electromobility. The unit will be part of the new Powertrain Solutions division. From the start of 2018, Powertrain Solutions will include the company’s electromobility activities as well as the existing Gasoline Systems and Diesel Systems divisions. Thus, in the future, Bosch will supply existing and new customers with all powertrain technologies from a single source.

In addition to the 20 million new hybrids and electric vehicles that Bosch esimates will be produced in 2025, there will be some 85 million new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Thus, as well as expanding electromobility, Bosch will work intensively on further improving combustion-engine technology.

Powertrain Solutions will focus on three core segments: passenger cars and trucks with combustion engines and hybrid powertrains, and electric vehicles. In the years ahead, Bosch will develop all these technologies in parallel. Only in this way will the company be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market, and this across all areas relating to the powertrain. There is currently no doubt that mobility will be electric in the long run. At present, however, it cannot be reliably forecast when and how quickly the change will come, and what form it will take, Bosch maintains.

Whether fuel or electricity, Bosch will drive the powertrain in the future as well. As it is still unclear which powertrain or which combination of the various types will dominate when, we are taking a two-pronged approach, and continuing to extend our expertise and knowledge in both electromobility and combustion engines.

—Dr. Rolf Bulander, chairman of the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector and member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH

Each year, Bosch spends several billion euros on further improving powertrain solutions. In the quest to achieve a breakthrough in electromobility alone, the company invests €400 million annually. Most of this has gone into battery research and development. Worldwide, Bosch is the only classic automotive supplier researching into both current and future battery cell technologies. The company has already won more than 30 electromobility-related orders from international automakers. Some 1,800 Bosch experts are working on the electromobility of the future.

Powertrain Solutions will bring together roughly 88,000 associates at more than 60 locations in 25 countries around the world. Even today, associates from Gasoline Systems and Diesel Systems are successfully working together. This collaboration will be intensified in the new division from 2018. Headcount will remain practically unchanged as a result of the reorganization.

The details of the future organization will be worked out in close consultation with the employee representatives. The plan is for the new division and its three units to start operations at the beginning of 2018.


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