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Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) has signed a new contract with Havyard Ship Technology, Leirvik for the delivery of hybrid electric systems for three new ferries owned by Norway`s largest ferry company Fjord1. The ferries—with capacity for 50 cars and 199 persons—are designed by Multi Maritime. The first ferry is schedueled for delivery in May 2018.

All three ferries will be capable of all-electric operation with fast charging. Diesel engines, capable of pure biodiesel operation, will be installed as well, enabling hybrid and plug-in hybrid operation. The ferries have been designed with energy efficient hulls, equipment and systems.


Two of the ferries will operate on the route between Brekstad - Valset and one ferry between Sandvikvåg - Husavik. The Norwegian Road Authorities’ strict requirement for emissions for these two ferry routes resulted in an electrical propulsion system using chargeable Li-ion batteries.

Norwegian Electric Systems’ main DC system ensures the safe charging and discharging of the batteries. The DC system also includes NES’ Odin’s Eye solution, allowing for future upgrades of the vessels, such as larger battery capacity and/or higher charging power from shore. Odin’s Eye is a DC grid solution which allows for the use of variable speed generator sets.

We have always believed in DC Grid solutions, they work, they save fuel use and have lower emissions. However, we did not like the technology currently being offered because it was very expensive and limited in what it could do. We knew we could do better, so we set about finding a solution which is less expensive and offers more capability, including improved safety. It turns out we had the answer already.

We expanded our Frequency Converter, the Quadro Drive, and connected it in a ring net solution. Instead of being limited to just a two split switchboard, which means drastically over-sizing the generators and propulsion motors, we can now split all the essential equipment up into separate autonomous islands. These islands can be configured to work together with closed bus-ties or independently with open bus-ties. Because we are using our existing well proven hardware we can keep our costs very low and avoid the risk of “new product development”. We believe this amazing solution, Odin’s Eye, will make it more affordable for more owners who want economic, flexible and reliable solutions.

—Paul Winson, Senior Vice President Sales for NES


The complete integrated DC-Grid system consists of:

  • QUEST - Energy Storage System (Batteries)
  • Norwegian Electric DC switchboards
  • Norwegian Electric Generators
  • Norwegian Electric Transformers
  • Norwegian Electric Swithcboards230 VAC
  • Quadro Drive Low loss DC/AC and AC/DC
  • Odin’s Eye, EMS and IAS
  • Project Management
  • Calculations/Engineering
  • Commissioning and sea trial

NES has already installed one of Europe’s largest test facilities for electric propulsion systems including energy storage.


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