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ABB installs two OppCharge fast chargers for electric hybrid buses in Luxembourg City

ABB has installed two fast-chargers for electric hybrid buses at Luxembourg City’s central station. The chargers are based on OppCharge, an open interface for the automated charging of electric buses from any manufacturer (earlier post), and use a pantograph on the infrastructure to connect the bus to the charging point.

Inaugurated by Ville de Luxembourg on 10 February 2017, the chargers will support 5 electric hybrid buses from Volvo, fully charging each vehicle with 150 kW of power in three to six minutes, during the layover times at the end point of the bus route.

The charging points were set up quickly—the order was received in May 2016 and the chargers were ready for the commercial launch at the start of February 2017. Despite the challenging position of the site, a busy station with a lot of traffic, the production, installation, commissioning and training were completed within 9 months.

ABB’s fast-chargers are connected to the cloud for remote diagnostics and management, and receive over-the-air software upgrades to ensure maximum availability.

As electric vehicle technology evolves, it is likely that the batteries used in electric hybrid and full electric buses will increase in size, meaning that more power will be required for charging. The modular design of ABB’s chargers and substations means that onsite charging power can be easily increased to 300kW or 450kW if required.


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