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Ace Ethanol to install D3MAX cellulosic ethanol pilot plant; “bolt-on” technology

D3MAX announced the completion and shipment of its pilot plant employing the patented D3MAX cellulosic ethanol technology. The pilot facility will be installed at ACE Ethanol, LLC, in Stanley, Wisconsin, in late February. Installation is expected to be complete by mid-March with startup and testing at the facility taking place over the ensuing two months.

D3MAX is a technology company formed by BBI International to license its patented cellulosic ethanol technology to dry mill ethanol plants in the US and Canada. The D3MAX process converts both five- and six-carbon sugars in wet cake to cellulosic ethanol.

The figure shows how the D3MAX process (shown in blue) “bolts-on” to the dry mill ethanol plant. Click to enlarge.

Starch, cellulose, xylose and arabinose are all converted to cellulosic ethanol with higher yields, lower energy consumption, and lower capital cost per gallon than other cellulosic ethanol producers, according to the company. D3MAX also allows producers to increase corn grind by 20% or more, and increase corn oil recovery by 50%.

Operation of the skid-mounted unit, constructed by Ohio-based AdvanceBio Systems, will help narrow the operating parameter such as pretreatment time, temperature, pH, etc. Upon successful completion of pilot testing and data collection, D3MAX intends to complete the full detailed commercial design and license the technology across the United States and Canada.



They can have cellulose sections of existing ethanol plants, both grain and stalks go to be processed. The farmers like getting more revenue from their stover.

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