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Peugeot will launch the Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. The electric leisure activity vehicle will go on the market in September. The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric has a 170-km (106-mile) range on the New European Driving Cycle.

Designed based on the Peugeot Partner Tepee leisure activity vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the new Partner Tepee Electric borrows the electric powertrain from the Peugeot Partner Electric van, introduced in 2013. The electric motor—compact, synchronous with permanent magnets, 49 kW (67 hp)/200 N·m—is located under the hood. The electric motor is paired with a single-speed constant-ratio transmission.


The two lithium-ion battery packs, with 22.5-kWh capacity, are located in the underframe at either side of the rear suspension. This location lowers the center of gravity for dynamic driving and good maneuverability in the new Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric. It also preserves the livability of the Partner Tepee, as well as its reference boot volume.

The traction battery is guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 km (62,000 miles), and its electric powertrain is guaranteed for five years or 50,000 km, whichever comes first.

The Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric offers two battery charging modes:

  • A standard charge on a traditional domestic outlet (8-A or 10-A, depending on the country) or the secured Green Up charge (14-A). That means a full recharge (from an empty battery) takes eight and a half, 12 or 15 hours depending on outlet amperage.

  • A rapid charge that meets the CHAdeMO (95-A) standard recovers 80% of battery capacity in 30 minutes.

The regular charging flap is located on the right front fender, while the rapid-charge outlet takes the place of the gas tank flap on the left rear fender.

The 5-seater allows the removal of the three seats in the second row to free up a flat floor. The trunk volume is among the best in the category, with up to 1,350 liters (48 ft3) with five passengers and 3,000 liters (106 ft3) with two passengers and the seats in the second row removed. Exclusive in the segment, the large tailgate and rear window can be opened to make it easy to load the trunk.

The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric offers features remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet:

  • Program the heat or air conditioning in the passenger compartment;

  • See the battery charge;

  • Estimate the duration of the recharge.

The remote control of heat and air conditioning makes it possible to preset the temperature in the passenger compartment before getting in the vehicle. If it is programmed at least 30 minutes in advance, the driver will enjoy optimal thermal comfort. This exclusive feature will work whether the vehicle is charging or not.

  • When the vehicle is charging, the temperature preset does not affect the range;

  • When it is not charging, the driver can simply indicate the battery charge level to preserve for the next trip.

The passenger compartment provides 78 liters (2.75 ft3) of open or closed storage space.

Cruise control, direct tire pressure monitor, electronic stability control (ESC) paired with hill-start assist, manual climate control, radio and CD and MP3 players, two sliding side doors, and the height-adjustable driver’s seat are standard.

A reversing camera, available as an option, uses the large color screen to simplify parking every day. To make low-speed maneuvering even easier, the rear parking assistance available as standard on the second level can be complemented by front parking assistance.

The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric features a large, seven-inch color touch screen in the middle of the dashboard. Available as standard for the second trim level, it allows the drive to access various features: on-board computer, AM/FM radio, digital DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) as an option, reading of music files on mobile devices, hands-free telephone, and navigation.

It also includes on-board connectivity: Bluetooth, USB port, jack plug, and the MirrorScreen function. From a smartphone compatible with Mirrorlink or Apple Carplay, the MirrorScreen lets users duplicate the best of their mobile applications on the large touch screen in the vehicle, so they can safely and fully enjoy them.

Navigation, available as an option, includes speed limit and traffic information display.


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This car sucks. The range is the main problem but also too little power. It will be boring to drive and the range is impractical. Why even bother if all you can show is this?

A desirable BEV needs a 50kwh battery or more and soon it will also need to be fully self-driving so it can deal effectively with price, range and long-charge time. The old auto industry needs to get focused on BEVs that will be in high demand and not producing more BEV abominations.


I fully agree with Change with regards to battery capacity and range.

This vehicle needs higher performance batteries for 2X to 3X range.


OK, what is the "New European Driving Cycle"? Is this the typical European Driving Cycle standard which means that the car will realistically have about a 120 km or 75 mi range?


120klm/week in inner city traffic would be too much for my blood pressure but will suit many.
49kW will haul the 5 passengers easily.
I don't see this as a regular highway ride or all day taxi but that is not the point.
If the price is right it will be a great alternative for inner city commutes and lifestyle. Second car and school shopping runs.

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