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Volkswagen’s new e-Golf, with a larger battery pack and enhanced driving range (earlier post), is now available for order in Europe. Compared to its predecessor, the new version offers more power, longer range and extended standard features. Prices for the zero-emission model start at €35,900 (US$38,000) in Germany.

The new e-Golf features a new lithium-ion battery the energy capacity of which has been increased from 24.2 kWh to 35.8 kWh. Its driving range in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is 300 kilometers (186 miles). Volkswagen says that the e-Golf will cover up to 200 real-world kilometers (124 miles) or more in everyday driving depending on driving style, the use of air conditioning and other parameters. This increase the range compared to its predecessor by up to 50%, depending on driving style and usage.

All 2017 e-Golf customers receive extended standard features such as Front Assist including City Emergency Braking with the new Pedestrian Monitoring, a multi-function steering wheel (in leather) and Volkswagen Media Control. The electric motor now develops 100 kW/136 PS—15 kW/20 PS more than in the previous model. The compact four-door car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds.

Other new features in the e-Golf are the optional Active Info Display (digital instruments) and the standard 9.2-inch Discover Pro infotainment system that is operated by gesture control.

As in all electric models from Volkswagen, it is possible conveniently to access various vehicle functions of the e-Golf via the Car-Net “e-remote” app. A smartphone or tablet can be used to start or stop the air conditioning or battery charging, for example. The app also shows the most recent parking location of the e-Golf on a map.

In its exterior appearance, the updated e-Golf features modified front and rear ends with new LED headlights and LED tail lights.

The e-Golf heats interior air with an electrical heating unit. It offers the same familiar Golf level of comfort, even at temperatures below freezing. If the user wants to warm up the car while it is charging, utilizing energy from the electrical grid, this can be activated with the “Car-Net e-Remote” remote control app. This function preserves the charge of the high-voltage battery, preserving more energy for driving.

An optional heat pump warms the vehicle interior using ambient air and lost heat from the power unit components. The heat pump that was specially developed for the e-Golf reduces electrical consumption and improves the driving range of the electric Golf.


Patrick Free

35.8KWH is a great and far better number for sure... But with no Range Extender and no SuperFast / SuperCharger charging capability this car will remain limited to local commutes, and remain a very expensive option versus the small ICE cars that today dominate that market. Will Need to add >100KW Superfast charging capability (if not full Porsche 800V 350KW !), to start beat into the all purposes car replacement market where that level of pricing is more affordable in my view. Unless I missed something here...

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