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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced the Drive360 28nm CMOS radar technology platform that builds on its established ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), MEMS, and radar technology portfolio widely used throughout the automotive industry for the past 20 years. Analog Devices is the first to offer automotive radar technology based on an advanced 28nm CMOS process.

The new Drive360 radar platform brings RF performance exceeding current best-in-class SiGe implementations to advanced safety and autonomous driving applications. This performance is required to see smaller objects further away, thereby giving additional time for the vehicle to take evasive actions.

The 28nm technology platform is the foundation upon which multiple products will be developed, an approach that will directly reduce Tier 1 and OEM time to market, design risk and development costs. The new platform supports a host of applications including high-end, long-range use cases required for autonomous driving and ADAS, short to midrange automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, cross traffic alerts and ultra-short range autonomous parking.

ADI’s primary goal was to deliver next generation autonomous driving-level performance on a platform that could serve multiple system generations by providing the greatest application flexibility and scalability. ADI took a completely fresh look at the current SiGe-based radar products and developed a new approach that leverages the cost, power, and integration benefits found in small geometry CMOS. The Drive360 28nm CMOS radar platform meets or exceeds current best-in-class SiGe performance and supports emerging autonomous driving requirements.

—Chris Jacobs, general manager, Automotive Safety, Analog Devices

ADI’s Drive360 28nm CMOS radar platform enables many high-level signal processing integration options and even allows for custom IP integration enabling designers to differentiate their systems. A highly integrated power management companion chip accompanies the platform. This system brings Tier 1 and OEMs the high performance required to build robust solutions for emerging autonomous driving applications.


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