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Alfa’s first SUV: the Stelvio

Alfa Romeo is introducing its first SUV, the Stelvio. The Stelvio is Italy’s highest mountain pass and Highway 38, which crosses it, more than 20 kilometers in length and with more than 75 hairpin bends, has iconic status. The new SUV delivers sports-car-handling, with balanced weight distribution, the most direct steering ratio in the segment and state-of-the-art suspension with the exclusive Alfalink technology.

Stelvio features extensive use of ultra-lightweight, hi-tech materials including carbon fiber for the drive shaft and aluminium for the engines, suspension systems, hood, wings, doors and the tailgate. The Stelvio SUV also features the Alfa Romeo Q4 all-wheel drive system, and can be equipped with mechanical self-locking rear differential on request.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio initially offers a choice of a 280 hp, 2.0 Turbocharged gasoline engine and a 210 hp, 2.2-liter diesel. Combined with the automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive, these engines belong to a new-generation of all-aluminium four-cylinder units with carbon fiber drive shaft. The Stelvio 2.0 280 hp will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, with peak torque of 400 N·m at 2,250 rpm.

The 2.2 diesel is the first diesel engine in Alfa Romeo’s history to be constructed entirely in aluminium. With four cylinders in-line, it features the latest-generation MultiJet II injection system with Injection Rate Shaping (IRS) and operating pressures of 2,000 bar. The electrically-operated variable geometry turbocharger offers state-of-the-art mechanics, minimizes response times and at the same time guarantees benefits in terms of efficiency.

In a market first, the 210 hp 2.2 Diesel is equipped with a turbocharger speed sensor. The Stelvio 210 HP 2.2 Diesel reaches a top speed of 215 km/h (134 mph) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds.

The range will be completed with new engines to come including a 200 hp 2.0 Turbocharged gasoline unit and the 180 hp 2.2-liter Diesel, both with an automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive. The 180 hp 2.2 Diesel will also be available with real wheel drive.

The 8-speed transmission has a lock-up clutch to give the driver a powerful feeling of in-gear acceleration once the gear is engaged. Depending on the mode chosen with the Alfa DNA selector, the automatic transmission optimizes fluidity, comfort and ease of driving in all environments, including around town, and further improves fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Steering-column-mounted, aluminium paddle shifters are available.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio features a large number of advanced safety systems, available as standard or optionals depending on the version. Key among them is the Integrated Brake System (IBS), an innovative electromechanical system that combines stability control with a traditional servo brake to deliver instantaneous brake response and hence record-breaking stopping distances. Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Brake with pedestrian detection gives the driver an audible alert of a potential front collision and then activates the braking system.

Lane Departure Warning warns the driver of straying across the boundaries of the lane. Also included is Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) with Rear Cross-Path Detection, for continual monitoring of rear blind spots on both sides of the vehicle, alerting the driver in the event of potential hazards. Active Cruise Control automatically adjusts the speed to traffic conditions.



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