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In Spain, in conjunction with the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Peugeot unveiled its INSTINCT plug-in hybrid concept, a Shooting Brake which offers the option of fully autonomous driving. However, the driver remains fully in control at all times and is able to determine whether he or she has a hands-on or autonomous drive.

The PHEV powertrain offers 300 PS, and the car features both ‘Drive’ and ‘Autonomous’ modes, affording the driver the choice between an engaging drive and the convenience of a fully autonomous vehicle. Peugeot INSTINCT is programmed with four distinct driving settings. In ‘Drive’ mode, drivers can opt for ‘Drive Boost’ or ‘Drive Relax’, and in ‘Autonomous’ mode they have the option of ‘Autonomous Soft’ or ‘Autonomous Sharp’.


The four modes available allow for particularly precise management. Drive Boost is designed for a dynamic drive. Drive Relax uses the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) to assist the driver. This includes features such as automatic main beam switching or the active cruise control.

Autonomous Soft mode is for comfort. The journeys may be a little longer, giving you time to watch a film, read or simply rest. Finally, Autonomous Sharp optimizes journey times with precise, efficient road handling.

On-board technology includes an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) platform—the Samsung ARTIK Cloud—which syncs with the user’s devices. This enables the car to learn its user’s lifestyle and preconfigure its settings— for example, driving mode, seat and interface settings, ambient lighting and audio can all be adapted seamlessly to the user’s routines.

Samsung ARTIK is an integrated IoT platform that unifies hardware, software, cloud, security, and partner ecosystem in a single integrated offering. Open, and enterprise-grade APIs, SDKs, and tools enable any device to interact with any third party device, app, or service.


The ARTIK Cloud for the I.o.T (Internet of Things) connects the devices drivers use every day and aggregates the data. That data comes from items such as smartwatches, smartphones and social media. ARTIK can connect to the home to communicate with smart television, audio streaming, home assistant, PC and other devices. The car itself is a valuable source of information because it knows regular journeys, favorite places and driving styles.

Peugeot and Belgium-based Sentiance, a data science company, process the data to make it meaningful and define each user’s profile. Sentiance offers real-time Ambient Intelligence automated through a proprietary sensor fusion platform.

Advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques detect and explain spatio-temporal patterns in the sensor data. Sentiance algorithms provide highly accurate transport mode classification, venue mapping, map matching, home or work detection, semantic time modeling, and more.

The platform aggregates these events into relevant moment by means of unsupervised learning of temporal routines and expected behavior. Real-time moment detections include a user’s commute, traveling and holiday moments, working remote moments, shopping and resto moments, etc. The analysis is dynamic and constantly enhanced. It means Peugeot INSTINCT CONCEPT can preconfigure or adapt its architecture to satisfy all its user’s needs and desires.

Sentiance tech stack. Click to enlarge.

For example, INSTINCT can read data from a smartwatch and configure its settings to ‘Autonomous Soft’ mode to give the driver a relaxing ride home after a trip to the gym. Or, through the synchronization of the driver’s diary and the vehicle navigation system, the driver is prompted to set off for an appointment 15 minutes earlier, to allow for the traffic and weather conditions at that time of day.

Externally, the aerodynamic, sculpted body is designed for maximum fuel efficiency but also to catch the eye. The styling houses Peugeot INSTINCT’s technology, including cameras in each LED headlamp which enable the car to scan the road ahead and communicate with the driving assistance systems.

Peugeot INSTINCT evolves the award-winning Peugeot i-Cockpit interior architecture with a highly tactile, adaptable cabin, which switches from being a focused driving environment to a comfortable lounge space.

The Responsive i-Cockpit seen in Peugeot INSTINCT reacts when switching between ‘Drive’ and ‘Autonomous’ modes to create the most suitable environment according to how the car is being used. When in ‘Autonomous’ mode, the trademark Peugeot compact steering wheel and toggle switch panel fold into the dashboard and the accelerator pedal folds back into the pedal unit to maximise space.

In both ‘Drive’ and ‘Autonomous’ modes, the driver retains control over the vehicle via the i-Device, which sits next to the 9.7" screen in the centre console. The i-Device enables the driver to switch between modes so they can take action, such as overtaking the car in front.

On either side of the headlamps, the light signature stretches the full height of the front mask. It is deployed from 90 km/h upwards, with a two-fold objective. First, the lower parts of the two light guides are connected by a strip that provides extra downforce on the front axle.

Second, this movement creates an opening to reduce pressure on the bodywork of the moving vehicle. Air is drawn in at the front end and expelled at the wheel surface. This serves as a virtual wheel fairing, cancelling out aerodynamic interference with the chassis and suspension, working in combination with the five-spoke aluminium wheels. The latter feature a series of narrow grooves, making them lighter. The same aerodynamic features are also found at the rear end. Air is drawn in via an opening in the front door beltline and flows towards the diffuser, located below a row of 3D lamps connected by a light strip.


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