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Volvo Trucks introducing OTA remote programming for trucks

Volvo Trucks North America is expanding its connected vehicle services with new Remote Programming to increase truck uptime, reduce downtime costs, and improve vehicle efficiency, all through powertrain software and parameter updates. Remote Programming, which leverages Volvo’s factory-installed telematics hardware, allows Volvo customers to perform over-the-air (OTA) powertrain software and parameter updates anywhere in the US and Canada where a cellular connection is available, and at the discretion of the vehicle’s decision maker.

With Remote Programming, trucks no longer need to be removed from service and routed to a repair facility for certain powertrain software and parameter updates. Improving the availability of trucks equates to more money. On average, each additional day of uptime equates to about $1,100 in additional revenue. Additionally, those who have historically not performed software updates due to cost or inconvenience can quickly and easily keep their trucks operating at optimal performance.

The service will be available in the third quarter of 2017 for all Volvo trucks equipped with engines meeting 2017 US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards.


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This is the first vehicle maker that is not Tesla that I have heard about now mastering OTA updates of vehicle critical software (and not just the infotainment system that barely anyone use because we already have a phone for that). About time. All the other car makers can still not OTA update the control software of the vehicles. It is like having a phone or computer without OTA updates for the OS and all the most important apps.

The old automakers will be unable to develop driverless autopilots without OTA updates. They need to solve that problem ASAP. Tesla solved it in 2013.

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