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Scotland-based battery management systems company Dukosi has secured a further £2 million (US$2.1 million) in funding, led by IP Group plc. Dukosi has developed a novel battery management system that collects, processes and stores data directly at the cell. Using wireless technology, the system transmits real-time information on cell performance to support master level control of the battery pack.

Following several years of research, development and testing, Dukosi is readying for production of its semiconductor-chip-based solution that collects highly accurate and frequent data at a cell level, to generate real-time state of charge and state of health results. Using Dukosi’s technology reduces battery complexity, removes almost all data wiring, improves measurement accuracy, and provides a history of each cell.

Dukosi BMS Diagram

Dukosi says that its approach enables improved design, deployment and management of batteries in electric vehicles, industrial and grid energy storage applications.

  • The patented RF technology eliminates the cost of complex sensor wiring harnesses.

  • Dukosi cell modeling and capacity balancing increases battery life and improves performance predictability.

  • Dukosi embedded data analysis provides insights across the cell and battery cycle life.

Other drived benefits include improved SoC and SoH calculations; more accurate residual life valuation; and increased chance of second-life use.

This latest funding takes the company through the final development and readiness of the semiconductor, including extensive multi-industry certification. It also supports the expansion of Dukosi’s team in Edinburgh with new roles in electronics design, software, cell modeling and electrochemistry.

The investment round was fully subscribed by existing shareholders, including IP Group plc, Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, and members of Par Equity.


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