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Clean Fuels Ohio signs LoI to deploy 500 Workhorse W-15 range-extended electric hybrid pickups across Ohio

Workhorse Group has received a Letter of Intent from Clean Fuels Ohio to partner with Workhorse to help deploy 500 W-15 Plug-In Electric Pickup trucks throughout the state of Ohio. (Earlier post.)

Workhorse has also received Letters of Intent from Duke Energy, Portland General Electric, the City of Orlando, and Southern California Public Power Authority. While not operating a fleet itself, Clean Fuels Ohio engages numerous fleets across Ohio on transitions to cleaner vehicle and fuel options.

Powered using Panasonic 18650 Li-ion batteries, the truck’s battery pack is expected to deliver all-electric 80 mile range, covering the majority of miles driven in a day by fleets. If needed, the on-board gasoline generator will then operate after battery power has been depleted, extending the range.

The W-15’s safety features are expected to include an extra-large crumple zone, and a lower center of gravity while still providing ground clearance. The W-15 is also expected to offer crash mitigation technologies, that include automatic braking and lane centering.

The Workhorse W-15 light duty platform design is an extension of the E-Gen electric technology used in Workhorse medium-duty delivery trucks. Once production commences, the company expects the W-15 to have a $52,500 MSRP. Workhorse plans to make the W-15 in their Union City factory, which has the capacity to assemble 60,000 chassis a year.

The W-15 electric pickup will be unveiled at the ACT EXPO show in Long Beach, California on 2 May. Fleet managers are invited to attend and drive the working W-15 which will be at the show.



This is a nice idea and there is certainly a market need for many of the features incorporated per zero emission that will suit remote areas where I.E. renewable electricity is available and importing fossil fuels is expensive. It end the need for resupply. Enclosed spaces mines etc assuming flame proofing is either standard or optional.
Serious export power supply makes it a great worksite unit and helps compensate for the higher weight penalty associated with the battery pack.
A previous comment suggested that upgrades or when the time comes battery replacement should be simplified with the chassis layout pictured. The same can be said for the 2 cylinder range extender to fuel cell or any other option should be possible - note the funky front trunk that suggests plenty of room if required as long as the crumple zone advantages are retained.
Stainless steel chassis and space/cage frame, composite panels mean this unit will be serviceable for 50years!

The front A-arms and rear torsion bar? are unusual.
Coil springs are tricky to match for large load changes
but there are progressive wound or wire diameter as well as air and bag assist options to help realise all the advantages of comfort of passengers and load as well off road capability and reduction of chassis loading.

If I would change anything it would be to replace the dual rear wheels with the lighter and simpler alloy single wheel in each corner - an option that have been available for ~ 10 years now.
Surely the higher cost can be made comparable with OEM fitting.
Mystery why there isn't a greater uptake to this vehicle class.

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