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Henkel showcasing composite leaf spring, resin technology at JEC 2017

Henkel will showcase a leaf spring based on Loctite MAX 2 polyurethane matrix resin and continuous glass fiber reinforcement at JEC World 2017 composites trade show in Paris next week. The leaf spring, which debuted in late 2014 on the rear suspension of the Volvo XC90 premium crossover SUV, now features at the core of a lightweight rear axle concept implemented on various models.

Volvo’s premium V90 estate and S90 models now also incorporate the innovative design, which is produced using high-pressure resin transfer molding, HP-RTM.

With its low viscosity, Loctite MAX 2 rapidly fills the mold and quickly yet gently impregnates the fiber material, resulting in short injection times. The polyurethane resin’s curing rate is also substantially higher than that of comparable epoxy resins, so total cycle times are shorter as well.

Henkel is also highlighting a new product in its Loctite MAX resin series that is suitable for use in production of composite wheels, due to its very high temperature resistance and excellent toughness. The new Loctite MAX resin withstands service temperatures beyond 200 C and has a very high durability performance. As with Loctite MAX 2, its high curing speed and ability to be injected quickly facilitate high volume production.

A new binder technology for use in composite preforms complements Henkel’s resin portfolio. Loctite FRP 2000 has excellent compatibility with both polyurethane and epoxy matrix resins. Its high mechanical strength means that only small amounts of the binder are needed in the preforming process; it is also well suited to production of parts with complex shapes.



Next generation nanocellulose composites could be may times stronger and lighter by 2025-2030 or so?


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When a technology is BETTER it is also always cheaper to manufacture buy can't be enforced by the law. So actual goverment agencies and almost all manufacturers are crap.

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