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Silicon Mobility introduces new software library and app for optimizing EV, HEV efficiency, battery range and charging speed

France-based Silicon Mobility, a provider of semiconductor control solutions for electric motors, battery and energy management systems of hybrid and electric vehicles, introduced a software library (OLEA LIB) and an application (OLEA APP) optimized for its OLEA chips to increase the energy efficiency, the battery range and the charging speed for hybrid and electric vehicles.

OLEA is Silicon Mobility’s family of standard products for automotive applications. OLEA embeds Silicon Mobility’s technologies: AMEC, hardware flexible interface for real-time data processing and deterministic control of actuators and sensors and SILant, functional safety acceleration unit for detecting, containing, correcting and protecting against system faults.


OLEA LIB is a library of advanced software optimized for OLEA dedicated to the control of advanced hybrid (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). It includes advanced functions for inverter, DC/DC converter and AC/DC charger systems control.

The library includes configurable and customizable algorithms from partial to full algorithm, such as Clarke and Park current transform, Decoupling and Flux Weakening, Inverse Park / Clarke voltage, Space Vector Modulation PWM, Tracking loop position estimator (e.g Magnetic Resistive, Resolver) or Sensorless position estimation and more.

Running OLEA LIB on OLEA T222—Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) automotive qualified solution—provides up to x40 computation speed improvement on advanced mathematical and computation functions in regards to actual available solution.

OLEA LIB comes with building blocks available as reference models and target models for MATLAB Simulink, and tuned for best used of OLEA. OLEA LIB models are defined and designed to enable user tuning and calibration under simulations and HiL in accordance with the targeted powertrain system characteristics. By using OLEA LIB, developers can significantly reduce the time required to optimize algorithm’s porting onto OLEA T222 while improving the system performances.

OLEA LIB is packaged into three levels of integration selectable upon user’s application needs: OLEA LIB System, OLEA LIB Algo and OLEA LIB Math.

OLEA APP is a full stack software offering leveraging OLEA and OLEA LIB for HEV and EV eMotor performances, range and durability extensions of batteries, energy consumption and pollutant emission reduction.

OLEA APP is particularly adapted to carmakers who need to take back control on their application with a Build-to-Print business model: they get directly access to OLEA product range benefits in an all-in-one approach.

Silicon Mobility provides OLEA T222, OLEA LIB, AUTOSAR low level software, OLEA COMPOSER’s simulation environment, boards for development and calibration and pre-defined application. The OEM can focus on its software added-value and select its own Basic SoftWare (BSW).

Included into the offer, Silicon Mobility takes care of customizing OLEA APP to port the software and fine tune the application to the OEM’s targeted system. This direct interaction between carmakers and OLEA technologies supports the design of efficient systems for electromobility applications: extension of the eMotor operating range, better battery usage and lower energy consumption and faster battery charging time.

OLEA LIB Inverter Control is available for evaluation for selected customers. OLEA APP for Mild/Full Hybrid and EV electric motor control will be available in Q3 2017. OLEA LIB and OLEA APP will be shown on Silicon Mobility’s booth at Embedded World 2017.


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