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California Energy Commission awarding $33.5M in funding for 16 more hydrogen stations

The California Energy Commission released a Notice of Proposed Awards for 16 additional hydrogen stations to continue expanding the hydrogen station network in California. Added to the retail hydrogen stations already open and under construction, California will have more than 60 stations statewide by 2020 (or sooner.)

The grant solicitation behind the awards (GFO-15-605) was released in April 2016, and offered to fund projects that would expand the network of publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations serving California’s light duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The solicitation offered funding for both capital expense grants and operation and maintenance (O&M) grants.

Air Liquide was selected to receive the sole award for an I-5 connector station ($1,712,461, with $733,912 in matching funds).

First Element Fuel was selected to receive $15.4 million for 8 main stations. Equilon Enterprises was selected to receive $16.4 million for 7 main stations.



Good news for main H2 stations and for California. If and when the other 49 States board the H2 train, USA may soon have well over 2000 H2 stations.


If utilities and delivery transportation can work together there can be fleet stations that will also offer hydrogen for sale to cars.

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